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 About my paintings

I hope that my paintings can be understood as spaces.
Neither as something that is supported by an idea or a concept nor as something which forces you to remembrance.
It should rather be apprehended as a space from which arises a certain image, supported by its construction.

In addition I have been strongly interested not for gwhath is painted but ghowh it is painted. In other words, I wanted to gain my own method.
This does not mean that I sought for a creation of something completely new but while valuing the standards of past art I wanted to narrate in my own way.
The interest and the appreciation to the creation itself show up again in the way of narration.
Things which lie deep inside me at an unreachable place derivate an image which is pictured through something that has arisen out of my consciousness.
Just like dreams every evening this image becomes subsumable and lifeless once you try to explain it.
For example the production of works does not mean that the certain image has got to be projected directly onto the canvas where it borrows a temporaryfigure for symbolization.
It can rather be referred to a search, to a quest for the way of reception, which is made of a complex character and represents the nature of the whole issue.
The image that I have inside and the image which comes out of my works do not have to be the same. But rather the image of my works should awake me.
The connection between the both types of imagination are arranged through a sensation which can be described as a comfortable feeling of strangeness
and such a condition is just what I desire.

Shibamura Junichi


1986 Gallery Surugadai, Tokyo
2005 Grail , Tokyo
2008 Grail , Tokyo
2009 Gallery Nakano , Tokyo
2010 Gallery Nakano , Tokyo
2010 Gallery Q , Tokyo
2011 Galerie Scheriban Turkman , Berlin
2011 ARTE GIAPPONE , Milano



1980 Exhibition by four artists , Rakudakan, Tokyo
1981 Exhibition by four artists , Tanabe Gallery , Tokyo
1982 Exhibition by four artists , Gallery Tamaya , Tokyo
1984 Research assistants exhibition , Musashino Art University Museum & Library , Tokyo
1991 Exhibition by two artists , Concept space , Gihu
1992 Group show , Seibu Department Store , Miyagi
2008 "The painting now" , Iruma City Museum ALIT ,Saitama
2011 "The painting now" , Iruma City Museum ALIT ,Saitama